Brutal sewing at it’s finest! Sweatshop Superstar is a bloody rhythm action game in the vein of Guitar Hero.

After being sold to Mr. Enojado by his mother, Pepe starts work in a factory. Players guide Pepe, an 8 year old boy with a heart of gold and the fingers of an arthritic corpse through 25 seams of 5 different garments! Tilt the device in order to sew like a pro! The better you sew, the faster you go.

With a long satisfying story mode, worldwide leaderboards and achievements though OpenFeint, Sweatshop Superstar will keep you coming back for higher scores! There’s even a closet that let’s you see the fancy garments you’ve sewn! Sweatshop Superstar is the best and bloodiest sewing game on the App Store!

The brainchild of Lawrence Mascia and Clay Ewing you can find more of their work at DataPlayed